Monday, March 1, 2010

Under-Rated: Faster Pussycat

One of the most under-rated hard rock bands, Faster Pussycat has been around since the 80s and brandished a glam rock style that differed than the later posers of the glam rock scene during the early 90s like Winger, Warrant, Firehouse, Enuff z Enuff, and a host of other B bands who permeated, and eventually, ruined the era with their water-downed brand of hard rock.

Don't get me wrong, Pussycat had songs that fit right in with the sleaze rock of the era  like "Cathouse" and "Bathroom Wall," but their follow up album Wake Me When It's Over dropped their party, blues sound down a notch from their debut album and took a more darker, bluesy tone with songs like "Where There's A Whip," "Cryin' Shame," "Little Dove," and "Ain't No Way Around It."

Of course, Wake Me When It's Over still had the typical sleaze songs of the era (What would glam rock be without sleaze?) like "Poison Ivy," and "Tattoo," which are damn fine songs, and keep the album from too much gloom and doom. However, Wake Me When It's Over reminds me of what a pissed off  and more angst-ridden Aerosmith would sound like.

No, Faster Pussycat did not go quietly into the dark night like most bands of their era. They're still rockin' n' rollin' with a different line-up and a darker, more industrial sounding sonic blast. The band has still kept the glam image, but with a darker, goth look. Pussycat is also still fronted by singer Taime Downe and he can still write dynamic and edgy lyrics to songs that still ooze with sleaze. Songs such as "Sex Drugs & Rock n Roll," and "Porn Star" off their newest disc Power And The Glory Hole is a testament to that, and unlike other reviewers of the album still stuck in the 80s hard rock sound like me, I like their new disc.

For the new generation who hasn't yet heard of Faster Pussycat and is hungry to find more hard rocking sounds that this era in music has...sometimes it's best to go backwards. Check out all their albums from their debut album, Wake Me When It's Over, Whipped, and their newest - Power And The Glory Hole!