Sunday, July 31, 2011

Iron Claw - Back In The Game!

Sure, there's been a lot of come backs in Rock N' Roll, but this particular story isn't like most of the Rock N' Roll come backs that you've ever heard of.

It's actually quite unbelievable. Unlike the Crue or Poison or some other ridiculously famous band, there wasn't any million dollar checks waved in front of greedy faces. There wasn't any of the bullshit of deluded rock stars saying, "It's all for the fans" when we damn well know their reunion was for the money.

That's why I have to pay my respects to Iron Claw, pioneers of a Rock N' Roll, Heavy Metal sound that somehow got lost in the fray of their times during the early 70s. However, some forty years later, they're back in the game with a brand new CD righteously titled, "A Different Game," released by Ripple Music.
I don't care what anyone says! That takes balls. Call them obscure, underground, or whatever, but that only adds to the fact these hard rocking lads from Scotland jumped back in the game purely for the love of Rock N' Roll and playing music.

I'm not going to get into their history, because it's today. That's what Iron Claw's new CD is about - A tribute of today and how Rock N' Roll is still very much alive and kicking.It's a different game, and you better believe it, Iron Claw came to play. The real question is are you ready. Yeah, we'll get ready to turn up those speakers and get a taste.

There's no doubt the Iron Claw lads give you a straight up, no non-sense heavy dose of pure Rock N' Roll! With all the grunge inspired metal and rock out today, Iron Claw brings back blues-based, hard rock in the same vein of AC/DC and early Aerosmith.There's no denying that there's that classic rock sound that's deeply rooted in their style, sound, and songs.

Remember when guitar riffs use to groove? Tracks on A Different Game brings 'em back with songs like Saga, Traveler, and Angel Woman. What Love Left kicks off A Different Game with the definite intention of keeping this a no-nonsense, balls-out, rockin' album that won't let up.

The track Falling Down has a an up-tempo, straight-forward rock sound that drives like a muscle car, and is perhaps the stand out track of the album. Or, could it be Targets? I don't know. There's so many stand out freakin' tracks even I'm freakin' surprised.

Iron Claw's A Different Game assaults your senses from beginning to end without letting up, just like a great rock album should. Out of the entire Ripple catalog, Iron Claw's new release probably has to be the one I'm most impressed with and spin the most. The lads in Iron Claw definitely give rock fans a come back worth checking out!

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  1. GB - IRON CLAW VocalsAugust 1, 2011 at 4:51 PM

    What a cracking review - wait until you see the live shows.