Sunday, July 31, 2011

Limp Bizkit New Release Gold Cobra! Hit or Miss?

Nu Metal, Rap Rock, whatever. Ever since Aerosmith & Run DMC did a remake of Walk This Way, I thought the mix of rap and metal was pretty cool. Besides I'm a drummer, so naturally I liked them beats.

I liked Limp Bizkit since I saw them do a cover of that George Michaels song Faith on MTV. Yeah, remember that? Unlike Kid Rock, who leaned more towards a rock sound with rap vocals, Bizkit leans more towards hip hop with Durst's crazy rhymes, and their signature verses where the bass guitar is emphasized while Wes Borland's guitar hangs back a bit.

That's, of course, until the choruses come crashing in, and of course, without Wes Borland's guitar and Durst's signature screaming choruses in typical Metal fashion, their songs would just be straight hip hop.

Limp Bizkit delivers with Gold Cobra, and it's refreshing to hear their signature sound again. Of most of the rap/rock bands out there, Bizkit still keeps it real by playing the style that blasted them off while Kid Rock went on a country kick.
  The track Gold Cobra kicks off with Bizkit's typical groove of heavy guitars and bass, and you know what? That's what we want to hear from them. It's my favorite track, but Shark Attack is a close second.

With all new material, Gold Cobra is Bizkit's newest release in five years. It also has the original line up. Like I said: Nu Metal, Addidas Rock, Rock/Rap...Whatever you want to call it. Heavy grooving guitars, crazy rhymes, with slamming drums and bass! If you're a Bizkit fan, they bring it on this disc as they always do.

What did you think of it?

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