Thursday, August 11, 2011

Grifter Rolls Out The Grooves With Their New Self Titled Album

Before I get into this review here, I just want to say I'm not one of those guys who just writes about bands or albums that I like. Call me a douche or whatever, but I'll even write about stuff I don't like or that just appalls me musically.

That's what a "reviewer" does. A reviewer isn't some kiss ass, suck-up. He's suppose to give an honest review. Maybe I'm just use to all the art critiques, where others give you constructive criticism of your shit. I think that should apply with music as well, and if musicians can't handle it then stay in your garage.

So what do I think of Grifter's new self-titled debut album released by Ripple Music? To tell you the truth, Pope had been hyping Grifter to me for quite some time, so I had high expectations of them. When I first got the copy of the album, I didn't even listen to it all the way through the first time to be honest.

Maybe, during the first listen I just wasn't in the right mood. All I know is that I didn't give it my full attention the first go around, which means I didn't really give it a chance. I don't even know why I put it in to give it a second listen, but I'm glad I did.

Grifter overflows with mad grooves on the guitar that are frothy. Yes, I just used the word frothy, like that froth you get when you pour a beer into a mug completely wrong. Except I mean this in a good way. Just imagine if members of the classic rock bands Black Sabbath and Led Zepplin had formed a band. What you'd get is Grifter.

Zepplin's bluesy rock with Sabbath's heavy, dark sound mixed with drums that tend to swing like The Stray Cats on certain songs and you get one hell of a rock groove that Grifter delivers almost non-stop. The music most definitely has a punchy, unique, classic rock sound. The strange thing is that the band Grifter isn't a classic rock act.

Kicking off this album is the killer intro riff to Good Day For Bad News which lays down a thick, ear-grabbing groove. The chorus has a good hook, easy to catch on. Next is the strange and raunchy Alabama Hotpocket, which teeters on the borders between cheesy and cool. I can see why some would like the song or why some would completely disregard it.

Asshole Parade stomps the yard like a crazed bull trying to stomp on a rodeo clown's head. The drums on Asshole lays down a primal groove and take the spotlight during the verses while the guitars keep it  amazingly simple and hang back until the chorus. The song is simply refreshing to hear. I don't know about you, but I like it when guitars aren't overplayed with a bunch of wanking sounds that only clutter a song.

The album then moves right a long to the track Strip Club in which you can't help but bob your head up and down to that quarter note rock/swing drum beat. There is this boogie woogie, almost Rockabilly vibe that Grifter seems to capture on some songs

Bucktooth Woman is one that has this Rockabilly feel to it, but Piss and Gas is the stand out track on this album for me. It has this frantic, high energy sound in the beginning. It reminds me of when I'm going out of my mind for a cigarette, and then it just dips into this slow, rolling heavy groove like when I get that first drag of nicotine running through my veins. Pure heaven, I must say, and the tune just rinses, washes and repeats with this tempo effect.

The music is top-notch on Grifter's album and it's hard not to air-guitar along to it. The lyrical scheme and execution is very rooted in hard rock from the late 60s/early 70s, and some of it on some songs really isn't my taste.

However, most songs have massive, great lyrical hooks and choruses that aren't hard to find or sing a long too. What I like especially about this album, however, is the rawness of it and the straight, in-your-face rock the album delivers.

All in all, if you like monstrous rock n' roll, blues grooves (and I mean monstrous, for this album is basically caked with them), Grifter's album is a solid and raw rock album worth checking out. It's one of those albums that you find something new and cool about with each listen.

You can find their album on cd or digital download at the Ripple Music store or find out more about Grifter by clicking the link.

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