Monday, August 1, 2011

Here Come The Riot Brides! Rock's New Band To Watch Out For!

There was the Runaways who went toe-toe with the male dominated rock scene of the time, and now there's the Riot Brides. Yes, this four piece band all are chicks, but don't let that fool you. They are definitely the Runaways on steroids with their brand of L.A. sleeze rock that can make any guy band look like a bunch of new wave sissies.

Heavy and dripping with attitude, their sonic sound has that 80s crunch and these Rock N' Roll babes don't play around one bit, bringing back a dirty, raunchy yet sexy sound that has been lost in Rock N' Roll since grunge took the reigns and drove rock music into the abyss it's currently in now.

Gabriella Demarco definitely has that snarl in her voice not many vocalists, male or female, can achieve. Her voice is remarkably...ballsy! She sings with more balls than some male rock singers out there past or present. Whenever, I hear her voice, I swear I fall in love.

Abby Gennet has chops on that guitar. Like I said, her crunchy guitar captures that sleeze rock sound I grew up listening to. She doesn't flood a song with a bunch of wanking guitar solos like most guitarists from the 80s did, and I respect that. Straight-forward and effective.

Then there's that tight, in-the-pocket, bass playing that Erin Soriano delivers with a massive, heavy thumping groove that fits tight right a long with Tuesdai Murgia drums. I'm a drum player so I know crap drummers from ones that can really actually play, and she can beat those skins with the best of them.

Riot Brides are unbelievably tight, and I'm glad that there's a band, a new band, that still has the love for the Rock sound that I grew up listening too. I'll be honest here. I never suspected it would be a band of hot chicks to do this, but, hey, if it rocks it fricken rocks.

You should check out the Riot Brides Myspace page where they have the tracks Bring You Down, Break Another Bottle, and Lost uploaded on their player. Give em a listen. You wont be sorry if you like this type of Hard Rock. All the songs on their player list just freakin' rocks. I love the riffs for both Bring You Down and Lost, those riffs that just groove yet punch you in teeth at the same time. Wait, I think that may be Tuesdai's drums at work there.

More than that, the songs have a definite hook. They know how to craft a song, a catchy song that can use melody but still retain that heaviness that Rock 'N Roll needs. It's not an easy task to balance those two. Much less to throw in a sneering attitude and danger to make a wonderful tasting concoction that should be bottled up and sold by the gallon worldwide.

Not too many bands can pull that off, and I've been looking for bands with that element of danger about them. I'm NOT that easily impressed when it comes to the Rock 'N Roll I grew up on. For a newer generation band to even attempt that is crazy to me. Who today can do it better than the sleeze rock acts like early Motley Crue, early L.A. Guns, and early Guns 'N Roses?

I think the Riot Brides have captured that magic in a bottle so many bands would kill for. Do they stack up? I think they sure have the potential too. I'm a definite fan, and I do not say that about too many new bands out there today.

Am I fricken in love? You betcha! I love any band that's dangerous, and I think the Brides have what it takes to create a lot of Rock 'N Roll mayhem that a lot of the newer bands are too chicken shit to do. Oh wait, I've got another question: If they're all brides then who are the grooms? Damn lucky bastards.

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