Saturday, September 3, 2011

Best New Hard Rock Bands You May Have Not Heard Yet But Will!

In this age where the annoying and quite vulgar sounds of hip hop and dance music (yes, I'm not a big fan of of those two types of music and have no problem admitting to it), dominate the airwaves and culture in the U.S., it's becoming increasingly harder and harder to find new hard rock bands. Here's my list of the best new hard rock bands to keep an eye and ear out for.

Dead Sara - This is an amazing L.A. band that's bending genres and producing a sonic sound that's quite edgy. Although quite melodic with an arsenal of atomic hooks that will get you singing a long to their tunes, Dead Sara also has a great, heavy, hard rock sound that doesn't seem to caught into any mold like most hard rock acts seem to corner themselves into.

Dead Sara consists of Emily Armstrong (vocals, guitar) / Siouxsie Medley (guitar, vocals) / Chris Null (bass) / Sean Friday (drums) and have a great musical chemistry that has "greatness" stamped all over it.

I have said this time and time again that I believe Dead Sara is gonna be huge. This band just knows how to write great songs with plenty of attitude. Check Dead Sara out on reverbnation and listen to their tunes. Be sure to also check out their new debut album coming out this October. I can't wait to get my hands on that one.

Iron Claw - Okay, so these guys aren't necessarily new. They started in the late 60s early 70s, but haven't been in the game for 35 something years. So the fact that they're making a big come back and chances are you may or may not have never heard of them is reason enough to add them to this list of best new hard rock bands.

The Iron Claw band line up has changed as well, but they still have a great blues-based rock sound that really needs to be brought back in rock n' roll. Iron Claw's band line up now consists of  Jimmy Ronnie – Guitars,
Gordon Brown – Vocals, Alex Wilson – Bass, Ian McDougall – Drums.

Iron Claw's new CD release, A Different Game, is coming soon on Ripple Music, so visit the link and check out the new and improved Iron Claw band if you like straight-forward, hard rock! If you like what you hear, you can pre-order their new album, and I highly recommend your hard rock loving ass does.

Grifter - Down and dirty UK based rockers have a dark and gritty southern rock groove that just pelts you over and over.

The Grifter band line up consists of: Ollie Stygall – Guitars/Vocals, Phil Harris – Bass, Foz – Drums, and their debut and self titled album will be released soon this year on, once again, the label for your classic rock: Ripple Music! You can pre-order their album if you like what you hear by clicking on the link above.

Riot Brides - This L.A. based, all-girl rock band screams the dangerous, rebellious attitude that I grew up with and hold dear to my heart. In the climate of "safe" rock n' roll and wussy boy bands with guitars, I've been searching for hard rock acts that held fast to the principles of being "dangerous."

The Riot Brides brings back the "Rock N' Roll Outlaw" mentality that rock n' roll has shamefully lost. Stephen Percy of Ratt put together this bad ass ensemble with Gabriella DeMarco on vocals, Abby Gennet on guitar, Erin Soriano on bass, and Tuesdai Murgia beating the drums.

Riot Brides puts together the hard rock sound that I love, but more than just the sound, they drip with the rebellious attitude...that unapologetic swagger...that turned me onto rock n' roll to begin with. I highly advise you visit the Riot Brides and check them out if you love sleaze rock.

Of course, this is just a few of the best new hard rock bands that are out there and on their way up. I'm sure there are A LOT more out there, but here is my list of those that have impressed me and I'm fans of.

If there are some best new hard rock bands you think should be on this list, be sure to do all us rock fans a favor and leave a comment telling us who they are.


  1. Then let me hear them play. I never heard of them true but I'm willing to listen. Love music since my friend tim jones, Spokane is a band member also and on tour.

  2. In the history of music, bands have always played a great part of it and these certainly are still rocking the industry. It is really interesting to note of newer bands that are surfacing out. Thank you for sharing this post. I quite heard of Dear Sara but have not yet heard them play so I guess, together with Iron Claw, they are worth searching for.