Friday, December 16, 2011

Tribute To One Of The Best Female Hard Rock Bands Ever - L7

Okay, it's no secret that I love rock chicks, but female rockers that dish it out as good as the guys? Fugged-aboud-id! In the 90s, no other all female hard rock act served it up better than L7, and this is why I'm showing much love to the ladies for being one of the best female hard rock bands ever!

I don't remember when I first heard of L7. I can't remember if it was before or after 1994's highly disturbing movie Natural Born Killers, in which L7's song Shit List was on the album's soundtrack. I don't know if I first heard them after seeing their video for Pretend We're Dead. 

All I remember is that I loved their sound, and I believe Bricks Are Heavy was the first album I bought from them. And it wasn't an L7 cd I owned. I was still rocking cassettes even close to the mid 90s. 

I loved their punk-driven songs, tainted with a bit of sloppy guitar fuzz, that dripped with cynicism of society and a rebellious attitude that I seem to identify so much with.

With the band's well-known line up of Donita Sparks on electric guitar and vocals, Suzi Gardner on electric guitar and vocals, Jennifer Finch on bass, and Demetra Plakas on drums, L7 songs were not only great for the 90s, they're just great songs period. 

Songs like Wargasm, Pretend We're Dead, and Shit List weren't just the only good tunes on that L7 album. Scrap, Everglade, and Monster were also favorites of mine. Don't get me wrong here. As great as Bricks Are Heavy was, L7 is not a one-album wonder. L7 albums thereafter still held  a lot of really kick ass songs to get your heart racing and raise your nose up at the masses.

Songs on Hungry for Stink that got my testosterone blazing in full throttle were The Bomb, Shirley (About the 1st kick ass Lady of Drag Racing - Shirley "Cha Cha" Muldowney), Andres, and Freak Magnet. 

However, the song I absolutely loved on the Hungry for Stink album was Can I Run, a brooding song sprinkled with just a tad of pop sensibility that didn't ruin it's thick, heavy, haunting sound.

L7's 5th album The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum saw another band line up change when Jennifer Finch on bass left, and Donita Sparks and Greta Brinkman shared bass duties on the album. Out of all the L7 albums, I have to say The Beauty Process: Triple Platinum is by far my most favorite.

Why? Three reasons: the songs Drama, Masses Are Asses, and Non-Existent Patricia. The song writing for three songs really seemed to come together on The Beauty Process. 

The song Masses Are Asses is a great song with an unbelievable chorus that you cannot help but chant a long too. With the same pop sense of Pretend We're Dead, the song Masses Are Asses is one of the most under-rated and unknown songs by L7. I think it's one of the best L7 songs ever.

The lyrics are quite simple, but even in it's simplicity, they're beautifully creative and clever. I'm a lyricist, and I still wish I could've written the lyrics to that song. Hell, I'd be happy with just coming up with that catchy song title.

Non-Existent Patricia off The Beauty Process is by far my favorite L7 song. It's a beautiful, haunting song about alienation and displays just damn good song writing period. It's not easy giving heavy music a great melody without it becoming too poppy. It's a very thin line to be wary of. L7 pulls this off remarkably on this song.

There's still something about L7 that I hold dear to my heart. Whether it's the tunes or that attitude that said, "Hey, we rock it just as good as the guys. Maybe better," L7 is still the heaviest and one of the best female hard rock bands to grace my ears. 

I still think they should've been bigger than what they were in the 90s. Even after a decade and close to two, their songs still transcends and bring back those old, rebellious feelings towards the status quo.

I guess it doesn't help that I've always had a crush on Donita Sparks, either. Even her solo album, Transmiticate, released in 2008 is full of great songs...a little more mellowed out, but still a great album.

If you've never heard of L7 but love punk-influenced hard rock, it's time you yourself a favor and did so. Visit the link to listen to all the great L7 albums.

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  1. I have never heard L7 before but I am trying to check them out. It's only Heart that I love during their days but then they are not all females.