Friday, December 9, 2011

Trucker Diablo Rocks & Rolls Right Over You With The Devil Rhythm!

So if you haven't yet figured it out, I'm the main graphic designer for Ripple Music. Also known to Ripple's dynamic duo - Pope and Racer - as "Boogs." I've seen them put out releases since the beginning...some I've done graphics for...some I haven't.

However, the releases Ripple puts out keep getting better and better, and Trucker Diablo's rockin' cd The Devil Rhythm is just a rock n' roll juggernaut! 

If you've been reading some of my posts, you'd know that I think Rock N' Roll has become a grungy, self-aware, and tired monster that has become a bore. 

Do I wanna fucking think when I'm listening to music? 


Do I want some singer whining about social issues and how shitty everything is? 


If I wanted to hear about that shit, I'd turn on the tube and watch the news.

I listen music to have a good get my mind off the bullshit that life throws at me. Trucker Diablo brings back the fun in rock with a hard-hitting, bluesy sound that's heavy but with a great pop sense. To put it bluntly, they have mad hooks in their choruses that are extremely catchy and hard not to sing a long too.

That's the essence of good song writing. There's gotta be something to reel you in and then take you's gotta hook you and Trucker Diablo does this beautifully.

However, when Pope first told me about them...actually it was to do some web creatives for Trucker Diablo on Ripple's website...I went to their myspace to find out more what this band was about.

The first song I listened to was Drink Beer, Destroy, and to say that I was blown away is an understatement. That song floored me and brought me back to the rock n' roll I love. The rock that just says I want to have a good time, fight, fuck, get crazy, run through anything that gets in my way, and not in that order. 

Wreckless abandon! Brazen attitude! What happened to that in rock n' roll today? Well, I'll tell you what happened. Trucker Diablo is running over all the wussy, whining, sensitive rock n' rollers and shipping great, octane-fueled, rock that drips with mischievous attitude.

My ears was then run over by the song Big Truck. Needless to say, the song brought me back to my freshman year fighting a junior right in the middle of Math class while a poor substitute teacher, clueless about what to do, watched in horror.

Big Truck reminded me of the attitude I had back in the good days (some say I still have it) when I stomped through life with the attitude of "You don't want to get in my way!" Despite the song having a brazen attitude that I can identify with, it's the extremely catchy chorus that makes this a great rock song. 

Actually all their songs have great choruses. If you have no desire to sing a long to them, I'll be the first to let you know there's something wrong with your ears.

I immediately became a fan. Actually, I'm listening to their cd right now.  I just received it in the mail today and immediately popped it in. I can't say that about too many albums I've gotten, and some of the ones I did open right away was only because I've done graphic work for the album packaging. 

Not to say those albums or bands weren't good. I'm proud to have been a part of their albums. However,  I had nothing to do with Trucker's album packaging, but I wish I had. 

Trucker delivers the rock n' roll I love. Their music isn't just wake the fuck up. It's wake the fuck up and get that strut on. It's music that says, 

"Let's bring back the fun in rock n' roll, and God forbid if you even think of getting in my way. Actually, if you even dream of it, you better wake up and apologize."

The Devil Rhythm hits hard with great grooves, heavy guitars,  great driving hard rock that brings you to a good place with great sing-a-long choruses. The stand out tracks for me are Drink Beer, Destroy; Big Truck; Stand Up and Fight; and Dirty Love. These are just my favorites on the album, but almost all the songs are guaranteed to rock you good and proper.


And to answer the asshats who keep asking me why I put myself so much into my reviews: 

It's because music is personal. It's about how it makes one feel, where it takes the listener, how the tunes get under the skin and find that place where one can call it your own. I'll leave all the cold, non-personal reviews to the others. 

Much like Grifter's recent self-titled release, it seems Ripple has done it again and found another hard rock band to remind us how good hard rock is suppose to sound.

Trucker Diablo's The Devil Rhythm cd brings back the wreckless, brazen attitude of blues-based rock that will rock n' roll right over you and leave tire tracks you won't mind.

Click the link to learn more about Trucker Diablo.

Looking for the CD? Visit the link to get Trucker Diablo: The Devil Rhythm. Your ears won't regret it.

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